Holmesian Faggotry


An attempt at a girl-ier/casual Sherly because everytime I draw her it looks like Benny in drag:

*edit* shortened the neck a bit - I tend to over emphasize it when it comes to Sherlock 

Genderfucked Holmesian Faggotry

Hipster Holmesian Faggotry

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more lesbians spinning each other right round baby right round

dr. watdaughter and girllock

Like A Record Baby Holmesian Faggotry

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ohoho more genderbends

Nothing to be afraid of Holmesian Faggotry


sooooooo i tried to draw a girl moriarty
(her suit is a real vivienne westwood ensemble)(i did the research)

Westwood Holmesian Faggotry

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johnn the human and prince gumlock

for liz

Adventurous, Timely Holmesian Faggotry

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Lounging about in the August heat - Sherlock Holmes & John Watson. By Sidney Paget.

Holmes, what the fuck is that pose.

There’s a scene in ‘The Two Towers’ where Eowyn is sleeping in the middle of a room looking ridiculously hippy and sexual in her nightgown.

This is it exactly.


#CLEARLY HIS BUTT HURTS, #And Watson is exhausted

butthurt holmesian faggotry

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You know why Mark Gatiss writes gay sexual innuendo? He’s not paid or anything. He likes it. He gets off on it. The gayer the innuendo the more he gets off, and you know what? One day just writing innuendo won’t be enough? One day Sherlock and John will be having explicit pornographic sex in the middle of an actual episode, and Mark Gatiss will be the one that put them there.

Meta, Innuendo-Laden Holmesian Faggotry

Double-Duty, TARDIS-Stealin’ Holmesian Faggotry

Double-Duty, TARDIS-Stealin’ Holmesian Faggotry

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